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About Us


Rev. Robert L. Marshall

Rev. Robert L. Marshall has been a spiritual explorer his entire life. An ordained Unity minister, he served Florida churches in Miami, Venice, and Fort Pierce prior to accepting leadership of Unity Orlando in 1993.  In 2018, he celebrated 45 years in the ministry.  Bob's special expertise lies in meditation and spiritual exploration. 


Rev. Ronnie Kenney, LUT

Rev. Ronnie Kenney has served Unity Orlando in many ways since 1995, including becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher in 2007. In 2019 she was ordained as assistant minister for Unity Orlando.  Rev. Ronnie loves to use humor and personal stories to illustrate Truth teachings in her Sunday lessons and meditations. She is available for spiritual counseling, as well as performing weddings, memorial services, baptisms and more.


Brian Eitniear, Music Director

 Brian Eitniear is a gifted singer, song writer and musician. Each week, he leads a group of talented musicians in presenting the congregation with uplifting spiritual music. His ability to showcase the talents of others and bring out the best every performer makes each service a special experience.


Prayer Chaplains

  The Unity Orlando Prayer Chaplains are dedicated to lovingly listen to you, to pray with you in good times and challenges, and to hold what is said in strict confidence. They are not here to counsel you, but will hold the Light of God’s Love for you when it may be difficult to do it yourself. They are dedicated to serving you and Unity Orlando.